Very special gift :-)

8 augustus 2020

MMM, handwriting is not very well known…

Stamp is beautiful!

Short but lovely letter…and I know it’s Paul, a quilting friend from Canada!!

He sent me a very special gift: to remember the liberation of the Netherlands 75 years ago, the Royal Canadian Mint makes a limited mintage of 100.000 sets worldwide and Paul sent me one…wauw!!! The background is a photograph taken in Zwolle; near this place I grew up.

The Canadian artist Joel Kimmel made a selective coloured representation of Dutch civilians joyfully greeting the First Canadian Army during the Liberation of the Netherlands in 1945.

At the backsite is a portrait of King George 6th; he was the 17th Duke of York and gave his name to the Royal Canadian Hussars who liberated Zwolle.

Thank you so very much Paul!!!


eacties op “Very special gift :-)

  1. You are very welcome my friend. It is more special the photo taken in Zwolle is close to your childhood home. One day you can show me Zwolle and where you grew up. Keep quilting and stay safe.

  2. Wat mooi, wij waren 3 jaar geleden ook een paar dagen in Stratford Canada en waren ook bij het monument onthuld door prinses Margriet. Prachtig gebaar!!!❤

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