Thanksgiving Day

26 november 2020

This is a congregational song with amazing harmony, at the end of a thanksgiving program in a one-room school in Ohio. It was written by an Amish man in the area, John Paul Raber. Some of the children are singing it that have books. This is coming from the hearts of a thankful people!



And Father We Thank You Father we thank you, for one more day

And you have promised to lead the way

You gave us life and health and peace of mind

You then lent to us a span of time

And Father we thank you


Lord we are free to praise your holy name

To live and seek Him, to spread His fame

At Liberty to congregate and bring

Our humble worship to you our King

And Father we thank you


Lord we have known your name in childhood days

God giving manna, taught us your ways

You’ve given us the gift of family

To seek your favor upon their knees

And Father we thank you


Send us down the dew and falling rain

Our fields and gardens their fruit and grain

Oh we are filled and there is bread to spare

Behold our storerooms, not one is bare

And Father we thank you


Oh there is nought that we can do or say

To ease the debt that we can’t repay

But we will do what we are able to

We bring our hearts and our life to you

And Father we thank you


John Paul Raber – Bunkerhill, Ohio

Dit bericht is gepost in amish.

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