Amish cutting ice for the ice-house

25 februari 2021

“Yesterday (Januari 29) I (David Marvitz) got a call that the Amish farmers were going to cut ice this morning at 7:00 AM in Hazleton, Iowa. I could hardly sleep, I was excited to see this proces! When I got to Hazleton the sun peeked through for about 4 or 5 minutes and it was gone…









The Amish guy that ran the saw started cutting the blocks lengthwise of the pond







and then went crossways. They leave the bottom 1 inch, to cut with a hand saw and then each block is 10-12” square.






Then they are floated to an elevator

and up the hill

to be loaded onto the wagon

















and transported to the ice house where the ice will last for a year.


The ice houses have 13” of insulation all the way around on the inside.

They store food in the ice house and they also use it to make ice cream. “

Photo credits by David Marvitz: thanks a lot to share these pictures on Facebook!

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